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Business Automation

How to increase the business without increasing your staff?

According to studies done in the last year, automation is a central part of the business plan of companies wishing to survive a recession. Why is automation a powerful tool that businesses turn to in tough times?


Automation allows businesses to:

  • Do more things in less time

  • Build customized systems that run in the background

  • Get an accurate scale regarding different processes

Many business owners think that in order to get more job done, they need more employees and pour in more money, but automation makes it possible to make the critical work for your business run automatically, without the need to change the number of your employees.

For example, you can create workflows that instantly add Leads to your CRM from your specific lead generation sources. This way, your leads get the right nurturing content, and you increase sales - automatically scaling your lead management.

Business Meeting

Another example: you can create a business automation that will take the details of a customer who filled out the form in your advertising campaign and immediately add them to your customer management system (CRM). In this way, your salesmen can immediately receive the details of a new potential customer and start handling them without having to deal with transferring their info from one place to another manually.


This is an example of a basic automation so that you can understand the concept. Obviously, as basic as such automation is - it will still optimize the speed of the selling procedure and thus increase your sales by several percent and, as a result - the income of your business.

And this is just the beginning!
Here are more ways your company can increase efficiency
hile maintaining low costs through the implementation of automation processes:

Routing data to the right tool

If your data is updated in an organized system (such as on a customer management software or a mailing system), you can send the right communication to the Leads that come from an advertising campaign, immediately pull reports about the success of the campaign, add data to your Excel sheets and track performance.

Sharing data between teams can be a difficult task if there isn't much communication between them. In addition, when there is a large amount of employees who need to perform more strategic actions, basic and important tasks such as data entry can collapse - because, after all, these are human beings who can (and will) make mistakes.

Business automation makes it easier to get important information to the appropriate software and your teams. Customized automation processes will connect the various tools in your company so that everyone can act on the most updated data without anyone having to manually enter it into the system.

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Sending leads to CRM
or to a spreadsheet for tracking

A steady flow of new Leads is critical to business success, but it's only the first step. You also need to make sure you follow up on those Leads so you can convert them into paying customers. Customized automation processes will send these Leads from the forms they filled out, from Facebook Messenger and even from website chatbots to the right tracking tool you use to manage their sales.

With automation your sales processes will easily grow while you get more Leads, even if your team stays the same size!

Sending leads to your mailing system

When you have Leads from a variety of sources (such as different campaigns, a website chatbot, or even a regular contact form on a landing page), it can be difficult to make sure that each Lead is properly handled - especially as your Lead volume continues to grow. Proper automation will allow the leads to be sent automatically to your mailing system with correct labeling so that each Lead will be entered in an orderly manner into the system and handled immediately.

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